Fall seven times, get up eight.

Startups are hard because of the low odds of success and the incredible number of variables you need to learn and navigate.

There is no recipe, no formula. Instead, it’s a combination of people, instincts, and luck. In addition, the emotional roller coaster and the things you can’t see from the outside create internal frustration for both teams and individuals.

Nevertheless, it is a rewarding process. My experience as a founding engineer taught me some mental models about resiliency and more about myself rather than delivering the promise of unicorns and an enormous impact on the world.

During this journey, one theme remains constant: helping others avoid failure or stay optimistic about the future and the value-creation processes is the most fulfilling part of the job. I learned that the best way to deliver that is simply by sharing knowledge, helping, and guiding others like you who are trying to change things.

Everyone you ever meet knows something you don't.

– Bill Nye

As I stay open and humble to any new adventure, I want to share timeless content that helps others onboard into Software, the Startup world, and the complexities of working with people.

If you are one of many trying to build new things, defy the status quo and need a hand, let me know!